Diving in the Caribbean

The past few weeks my good friend Rob and I have been traveling throughout the Caribbean starting in Turks and Caicos and heading south to where we are now in Barbados. Our goal, other than have the trip of a lifetime, was to try and see as much of each island we landed on above and below the water in the short time we had to do this. Our first stop was in the British Virgin Islands (BVI’s) and it was absolutely spectacular! The islands are incredible and the underwater life is abundant. The BVI’s is a sailors paradise, with hundreds of sailboats of all sorts out each day touring around the islands. But the underwater life is really what drew us there and more specifically a ship wreck that Rob has been dying to dive on since he started diving at the age of 14, the wreck of the RMS Rhone. The Rhone sank in 1867 in a hurricane and lost 123 lives, only one man survived. It was labelled as the first ever unsinkable ship and after the disaster of the Titanic, also deemed unsinkable, there has never again been a ship called unsinkable. Image

    We then travelled to Dominica where we saw some of the most incredible coral reef’s bursting with sea life that I have ever seen. There wasn’t a single dive that we didn’t see an incredible amount of different species anywhere from Eels to Frogfish to Seahorses and many many more. It was truly a scuba divers dream come true. To top off the time in Dominica we managed to get out on the water to spend several hours with Sperm Whales and also head up the volcanic mountains to experience lush rainforest, breathtaking waterfalls and natures hot tub, piping hot natural hot springs. It was by far one of the most amazing places I’ve ever experienced. 

    We have just landed in Barbados and today is our first day on the island but from our drive from the airport to where we are staying I have no doubt this place will be just as exciting and incredible as the last few. Image


About willallenexplore

Montreal-born filmmaker and photographer Will Allen is captivated by the spectacular vitality of the underwater world and the world that it supports. This fascination has led him to explore some extraordinary locales – from photographing sub-aquatic caves in central and south America, to filming champion surfers in Tahiti (as seen in the 3D IMAX film Ultimate Wave Tahiti). His stunning images of 10-time world champion surfer Kelly Slater have been published in National Geographic. His preferred subject has been the beautiful but elusive great white shark however these days he is happy anywhere the light is right and he feels a story needs to be told.
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